Annual membership renewal to be completed by 30th Sept 2017

It is the time of year to complete your annual membership renewal. This needs to be done if you are a volunteer or a swimmer. Forms must be submitted by 30th September 2017.

1. Annual membership fees – these are remaining at £33 per annum. These need to be paid by 10th October 2017.
2. Monthly swim fees – We have put in place a new structure for swimming fees as per the below. These fees will be effective from 1st October 2017.Width swimmers will have no increase in their monthly swimming fees. Length swimmers have had a slight increase to reflect the higher cost of pool hire and the benefit of a paid coach.

One swim per week – £12 per month
One swim per week – £13 per month
Two swims per week – £22 per month
Two swims per week – £24 per month

Three swims per week – £34 per month

Four swims per week – £38 per month

One Swim/gym session – £20 per month

Instructions for Membership Renewal;

1. Complete the attached Membership renewal form, one form for each family. Please note that we require you to update any personal details that have changed over the last year.
2. Complete the attached standing order form, one form per family. This will enable you to calculate the new amount due for monthly swim fees
3. Ensure that standing orders are updated with the new amounts. It greatly helps us if you can set up one standing order for all family members for both the annual membership fees and the monthly swim fees.
Annual membership fees are due by 10th October 2017. Please use the following reference if possible “Swimmers initial(s) swimmers surname mem fees”.
Monthly swim fees standing orders need to be updated from 1st October 2017. Please use the following reference if possible – “Swimmers initial(s) swimmers surname swim fees”.
4. Submit both completed forms by 30th September 2017 to the Treasurer; Lynne Blunden, 8 South View Place, Blowhorn St, Marlborough SN8 1DD. Email; Any queries please contact Lynne.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about completion of these forms.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the club rules regarding attendance. The following is the relevant extract from the club rules, please read and make sure you are familiar with this.

Please notify the Club Secretary or Chairman if you are unable to attend training sessions for more than two weeks. Members who are absent for more than four weeks without notifying the Club will be deemed to have left the Club and will be liable for a further membership fee on a return.
Irregular/poor attendance at training sessions may result in the club having to review your membership, this is particularly important in the learn to swim groups as irregular attendance impedes progress and prevents new members from joining from a very long waiting list.”

The complete club rules are available on our website.



Club Treasurer

Annual Membership Renewal Form 2017-2018

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