Why Join Us

If you are interested to join us then please email Sara Allen (sara17770@hotmail.co.uk ) with your/your child’s details including name, age and ability.

Swimming is great exercise;

• it puts less stress on young growing bodies than most ball, field and contact sports.

• it helps develop a healthy lifestyle

• swimming leads on to many other aquatic based sports and activities such as syncho swimming, life saving, water polo, scuba diving, board diving, etc.

Learn to swim with Penguins

• not just swimming but swimming well with efficient strokes ready for competition.

• not just one stroke, but all four,

• learn water skills too, such as diving, gliding, floating, skulling, and fast turns!

• join the ‘BIGGEST Waddle in Wiltshire’ in a family friendly environment.

All our swim staff and volunteers;

• are friendly and welcoming,

• they make learning fun,

• and have all been vetted and advanced CRB checked.

We have swimmers of all ages and abilities from 5 years to adults, who come swimming for,

• fun and fitness,

• competition at club, local and county levels,

• and meeting lifelong friends!

We have qualified Coaches and Teachers at all our sessions;

• who encourage and build confidence,

• help swimmers to realise their potential.

• and have the latest training knowhow.

Family members can get involved, as volunteers, helping to maintain a strong club community spirit.  (see section on parent information under the join us tab)