Equipment kit list

Here is a list of essential kit for ALL squad swimmers (half hour lengths and above)

  • Water bottle – at least 1 litre, labelled, filled with water from home
  • Pairs of goggles
  • Hats – preferably Club hats if possible
  • Kick board
  • Pull Buoy – swimmers under 12 should use a 3 band “mini”
  • Fins – preferably long blade fins but short fins are also OK
  • Swim snorkel – front facing with purge valve
  • Hand paddles – optional for under 12 swimmers, but essential for swimmers in Ruby Development Squad & above

Swimmers in the Masters or Fitness Squad can determine their own equipment needs using the above list as guidance.

Swimmers in Learn to Swim (widths) do not require their own kit as the Club uses equipment provided by the  pool providers.