Competing Squads (County, Competitive & Performance)

County Development
Junior/Senior Competitive
Junior/Senior Performance

The County Development, Junior/Senior Competitive and Junior/Senior/Elite Performance Squads are all based upon Swim England’s Athlete Development Support Pathway (ADSP) and Optimal Athlete Development Framework (OADF).

There is with particular focus on Training to Train and Training to Compete and these Squads are where the years of learning to swim with excellent technique pay off.

An annual training plan set by our Head Coach determines the Squads training cycle and weekly session plans. The aim is to ensure swimmers are able to maximize their potential and achieve their personal goals, that they have each individually agreed with our Head Coach. We continue to focus on good technique to remind muscles and mind’s how to swim at maximum efficiency.

Swimmers compete on average about once a month either as an individual or as part of the Penguins team. As an individual the aim is to compete in the Wiltshire County and/or Regional and/or National Championships and various Open Competitions throughout the year.

Swimmers in these Squads develop a brilliant team sprit, as they spend so much time at the pool together and on poolside at competitions. Swimmers in the Performance Squads train hard at every session, so being in these Squads are not for the faint hearted! Team captains also come from the Senior Performance Squad and are voted in by all Squad team members.

Depending upon age and ability, swimmers have an optional 45 minutes of Land Training. Land training is also undertaken at home everyday to help improve strength.

The attached document gives full details of each squad and the movement criteria.

The session times when these squads train are listed under the session times page.


Penguins Movement Criteria