Academies and Development Squads

We have four Academies and two Development Squads based upon Swim England’s Athlete Development Support Pathway (ADSP) and Optimal Athlete Development Framework (OADF).

There is particular focus on teaching Swim Skills, Building the Technique and Learning to Train. Our Head Coach is a firm believer that good technique will win over speed at a young age. He believes that as swimmers get older and develop physically, good technique will enable to speed to come naturally. Swimmers also will be able to sustain their speed in training and races.

For some swimmers this will be their first taste of full squad training. We continue to make swimming fun and enjoyable and also start to build a sense of being part of a team.

For many swimmers and depending on ability, swimming competitively will also be encouraged either as an individual and/or part of the Penguins swimming team. As an individual the aim will be to compete in the Wiltshire County Championships, and/or novice/learner Open Competitions.

The document attached below gives full details of each squad and the movement criteria.

Session Times
Our timetable for all sessions is available here: Session Times


Marlborough Penguins OADF

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